Thrift Shop Thursday: Blue velvet shirt with highwaisted pants 

Hello loves!! Happy Thrift shop Thursday!

I finally did another voting post! The reason I wasn’t doing them was because I wasn’t sure if you all were enjoying them. It wasn’t until I got a couple of “hey, when do I get to vote again!?” comments that I decided to do it again. Please don’t hesitate to give me your honest feedback! It helps me out so much. I really want to give you what you’d like to see!

Okay let’s get back to this week’s post. Here we’re the three picks: 

All three are very outdated, but have the potential of being modernized- that’s a word right? The one that won is number one, my grandmas shirt. Just kidding it’s not actually my grandmas shirt, but I swear she had one exactly like it in green when I was little!  (I wonder if she still has it.) 

Hope you like it! 

I thought about cutting the bottom of the shirt so that it would tuck in easier, but I decided to take advantage of the “knot” trend resurfacing. 

Fun fact: most of what I’m wearing is from the thrift store! The pants are from uptown cheapskate, the shirt and purse are from goodwill. Yay for cheap fashion! Haha 

What is your favorite part of this outfit? 

Elizabeth Grace 

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