Starbucks finally offers almond milk!!! 

So… I can’t remember if I’ve shared this with you all yet, but just a little fun fact about me: I’m VERY lactose intolerant. 

A little back story if you’re interested- I found this out when I was a teenager in high school. I ended up going to a gastroenterologist, having endoscopy done and finding out that my body breaks lactose down at a level of zero.. Yes that is possible (I would have never known haha) and yes it means that I’m pretty much 100% lactose intolerant. I am not allergic so I can be around it and I can even stand to eat a bit of cheese every now and then as it does not have very much lactose from the aging process. 

All of that to say that I basically live off of almond milk! When I first found out that I was lactose intolerant, I relied heavily on soy milk. Last year, I did some research on soy products after hearing some rumors about how it wasn’t good for us, and realized I should not be having soy as often as I was. (If you’re interested in reading more about this, click here.) 

We all know Starbucks is a very commercialized coffee shop. Their coffee is average and their dairy free options were mediocre. There are certain drinks from Starbucks that I just love, however (chestnut praline at Christmas time!!) and their iced coffee does the job on a typical morning. Back to the dairy free options- Their soy milk was okay, but once I decided to cut soy out of my diet, my only other option was coconut milk. Boy was this GROSS! It altered the taste of my coffee, chai latte, everything and not in a good way! I normally like coconut milk alright, but this one tastes like a cheap milk that really overwhelms the taste of your drink!  Bleh. So… In April of last year, I emailed Starbucks and this is what I said: 

This is what they replied: Most of the second paragraph has to be a lie because this milk could not have gone through that many “taste tests” and passed. 😂 

I didn’t answer because I didn’t see a point to, but y’all, my fellow almond milk lovers, we won!!! Haha today is a day to celebrate. We can officially get almond milk at Starbucks! And we can also celebrate the fact that Starbucks has finally caught up to most coffee shops in getting almond milk! 

P.S tomorrow is international coffee day! Don’t forget to celebrate with a nice, warm cup! 😍



Elizabeth Grace 

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