Thrift Shop Thursday/Summer Lookbook

You know most of the time… I have no idea where I’m going to take pictures until we’re already in the car driving around? I hadn’t really realized this until my friend, Miranda, called while we were in the car asking where we were going to take pictures and I replied that we had absolutely no idea! 😂 There’s something about spontaneity that makes it all just a bit more fun!

We decided on a local park, since the weather has been cooling off to like 90 degrees in the evening (that’s summer to fall transition in South Texas) and this summer outfit went well with a park. 😊 On our way to the paved trails we found a popcorn and lemonade stand, so of course we bought some kettle corn! If I had an extra hand for the lemonade, you know I would’ve bought that too! 😏

Not positive if all Goodwill’s are doing this now, but at the one I happened to walk into this week, they had a “boutique section” in the front. I came across this dress that looked like it would fit me well and thought, “this is a perfect ‘end-of-the-summer’ dress!” It was $14 in store, but it had a pink tag which made it half off that day! (A pleasant surprise at checkout.) I hope you like the outfit!

I really don’t like how hot it gets here, but I will miss little summer dresses like this! 💗 Doing a Thrift Shop Thursday Lookbook was fun! What did you think about it?

Hope you’re having a swell week, friends!

Elizabeth Grace


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