Thrift Shop Thursday: Men’s Edition 

I wanted to change it up this week for #TST. I love all types of fashion- men’s, women’s, children’s, runway, casual, the list goes on. So, I got my amazing boyfriend to be a model for this week’s thrift shop outfit, thanks babe! 😉 These were the 3 picks: 

The votes were all over the place, but 2 won and it looked like the ugliest one to try to make work anyway, so I just went for it. The brand is “woolrick.” Some of you may know this brand, I don’t. What I do know is that it looks like an old man’s Hawaiian shirt (NO OFFENSE IF YOU, YOUR HUSBAND, YOUR BROTHER OR ANYONE YOU KNOW LIKES THIS BRAND.haha) 

We made the shirt more modern and fitted by rolling the sleeves and buttoning the top button. Now it looks like we got it at urban outfitters or something eh? 😏

I would really like to start incorporating more men’s fashion here on the blog. What do you guys think? Did you enjoy this post? If not, what didn’t you like about it? 

Until next time! 😘


Elizabeth Grace 


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