Thrift Shop Thursday: pillow diys 

This week I’m doing another little diy project because I passed these pillows at goodwill and couldn’t leave them! They’re so bright and colorful- just what I LOVE. They’re from society 6 and I got them for $5 each (thanks goodwill!) 
Both of these diys are super simple and pretty self explanatory, but I still got lots of photos to help. 🙂For the first one, I decided to do a simple, gold glitter heart out of iron-on material. I got mine from Joann fabric & craft store, here. (Couldn’t find gold online, but they have these at most craft stores.) 

Materials: I left the material in its plastic case so that I could easily free-hand my heart with a dry erase marker and wipe away any mistakes. If you have a stencil or you’d like to print something out and trace, that’s an option too- In which case you could even probably just mark directly on the material. 
Then I folded it in half (so that it would be symmetrical) and carefully cut the heart out. I say carefully because the plastic was a little slippery!

Now it’s time to iron the fabric onto the pillow! For this, the instructions say to lay it down where you want it (adhesive side down obviously,) put a thin piece of material in-between your cutout and the iron, and iron it for 40 seconds; you’ll be able to tell when it’s done. And that’s it! I love iron-on fabric. It’s such an easy way to make something pretty! 

For the second pillow I made the word “shine” out of some cable cord, like this one from Walmart. 

Materials: First, I wrote out the word in the center of the pillow. Then I hot glued the rope where the marker was. 

I finished it off by dotting the “i” and the “!” with some little flowers that I had laying around. This was a last minute idea (never fails!) 

And that’s it! I’m happy with the way both pillows turned out. The best part is, these diys can be done on pretty much any color or pattern!What do you think about the finished product, guys? Yay or nay? 

Until next time,

Oh! And happy Thrift Shop Thursday! 😉


Elizabeth Grace 

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